Values & Ethos

Priory Primary School provides and promotes a learning environment that is values-based. This means that our values are embedded in the way we teach and learn, in our curriculum, in our policies (such as behaviour, equality, anti-bullying) and in our daily interactions with each other. If you join or visit our school you will experience our welcoming and inclusive ethos, and see the values of hard work, honesty, mutual respect and care for each other.

The school community reviews and agrees a number of named values to focus on throughout the year, and this becomes a focus in class, in assembly and in celebration. It encourages pupils to explore the meaning of the value and their personal response as they seek to make choices and take action in their school life.

In 2021, pupils and parents voted for the following Values to be our focus for the next few years:

Gratitude – Respect – Friendship – Honesty – Perseverance – Equality – Compassion – Trust

Priory Primary School
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