Safeguarding Quick Reference Information

Designated Safeguarding Lead  Mrs J Fraser 01234 261768
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead  Mrs P Wakeling 01234 261768
Designated eSafety LeadMrs P Wakeling 01234 261768
Designated Governor for Safeguarding  Rev Roger Stokes 01234 261768
Designated Lead for Mental Health and Wellbeing  Miss N Wilde 01234 261768
Designated Governor for Mental Health and Wellbeing  Cllr Ben Foley 01234 261768


Priory Primary School is part of OpEncompass, a service where information is shared with the school from the police, following incidents of domestic abuse. The purpose is to ensure the school is aware and can support the pupil in school.


Pupils learn about the importance of keeping safe online: the risks are

Conduct – learning acceptable behaviour (link to AUPs)

Commercialism – games that lead you to spend money / build up debts

Contact – protect your identity, passwords and never answer questions online asking you for your age, address, school or a photo

Content – if you see something online that worries or upsets you, show an adult immediately, no matter how awkward you might feel.

Parents can get more excellent information by following these links:

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