Eco Council

What is the Eco-Council?

‘The work of the Eco-Council is so valuable’ says Headteacher Mrs Youngman. She is talking about the group of children who give up their time to make sure our school is eco-friendly and energy efficient. The Eco-Council make sure the children and grown-ups in our school look after the environment with care.

Latest News

Last year the Eco-council (and gardening club) planted trees, finally, and it got very muddy! We planted trees so we could have some privacy so that when the children play no one can see them. Trees are so important to all of us and we love them so much that Priory will watch them grow step by step. The trees will stay there for a long time even after we (the pupils) are gone. We will water them and take care of them to help them grow strong. It was hard planting them but we are very proud of our efforts. We know that we are helping to keep our planet healthy, which is what Eco-council is all about.  We are starting to get a new eco-council set up this year, amid the Covid situation.  Please bear with us!

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