Keeping Your Child Safe Online

The “4 Cs” risks to your child when they go online:

Conduct – children are responsible for their own behaviour online

Commercialism – some games may lead them to spend money & build up debt on your phone bill

Contact – protect your child’s identity by using passwords, avatars and remind them not to answer questions online if asked for their age, address, school or a photo

Content – children are taught that if they something online that worries or upsets them, they must show an adult immediately, no matter how awkward they might feel; tell them they have done the right thing. Parents and carers must also monitor what their child is doing online. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU ARE ALWAYS IN THE ROOM WHEN YOUR CHILD IS ONLINE – DEVICES SHOULD BE LEFT WITH PARENTS AND CARERS AT NIGHT TIME.

Parents can get more excellent information by following these links:

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