British Values

Values underlying public life are broadly the same in all democratic countries, and the four summarised Fundamental British Values are not unique to the UK. We aim that our pupils should have a strong sense of belonging to their school, their community, their country of residence and their cultural heritage. Our approach to the following named British Values seeks to be inclusive and embrace the diversity of a contemporary British society.

Democracy: for example, running a democratically elected School Council, or writing a persuasive letter seeking to influence decision makers, developing Public Speaking skills.

Rule of Law: for example, establishing class rules as part of our Behaviour Policy, inclusion of citizenship units in the PSHE curriculum.

Individual Liberty: for example, learning within the PSHE curriculum, the RE Agreed Syllabus and Relationships Education all develops pupils’ understanding of a citizen’s individual freedoms and rights to choose / hold their faiths and beliefs, and their protections in law.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance: at Priory Primary School we place this at the centre of our values, policies, practices and inter-personal relationships. We welcome our duty under the Equality Act 2010 to advance equality of opportunity, which we believe is underpinned by adherence to this fundamental value.

Pupils and staff at Priory Primary School are encouraged to express their personal concerns and take action to address prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour that counters our stated values. We seek to be Useful and Kind to ourselves, to others and to the world.

It is our hope that all those who experience life at Priory Primary School will be motivated to take their place as valued and valuable citizens of a precious and remarkable world.

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